my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



going forward, armed with nothing

pencil, brush and a stack 
of papers under the table.

spring shows it's colors and i do, too
- another exercise on our shelf

hands will say it all 

will be back here in a month with stories
and pictures of a new land. 

take care, dear friends


moving very slowly with your nature letters

the birch around the corner of patrice's house
is loosing it's bark. here is the small tulip's cutout, 
turned to the darker inner side. the wooden piece
is made of birch, too. i always buy few pieces when 
i go to finland. and little brooch for you is ready.

the light is becoming softer and warmer, 
even here i can see it. happy spring to you!

научиться не волноваться больше, 
чем нужно и раньше, чем нужно. 


making little things again,
signing papers, trying to find
the right pairs.

job's tears seeds

thin long tulip brooches,
like tiny pottery vials on 
the brass wires

sets of three

and i put them on by stitching

меня наверное бросает в жар от этих новостей.
раньше и до сих пор у меня было для всего свое время,
но каждый раз забываю про это.