my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



tiny linden box i made for
little treasure,ring or coin.
i put my dad`s grandma`s copper ring inside
and it fits so well there and on my finger

this summer i saw many of these baby mushrooms
still have undone films with them,
and another inspiration - salakauppa
small shop in the heart of helsinki
with its simple nature things


  1. olga, i saw your handmades necklace. they are so cute..i wonder how you made them, how you handle those wooden items.. very curious.
    this mashroom box is nice too!
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. coco,
    i`m so happy you like it
    just a tiny wooden knob
    seems so right for the mushroom

    when i started to work
    with children i just found
    a new way of making things,
    and then,a year ago i began
    making ring and pins

    and i hope
    you tell me
    if you like something!/pages/my-white-room/264524340249213
    it will be my pleasure to
    send it to you.


    good night,


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