my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



our 7th home,

and my first mushroom soup
i always hide this metal ring pinched through the towel
but somehow i got used to it.and i liked it. the tablecloth
looks just like m` one with blueberries and i think of 
summer.and first time i needed a cream, we spent hours
cleaning the floors with pack of wet wipes this weekend
then fell asleep.


  1. soup is my favorite food in winter. that mashroom soup looks good, i like to know how you make it. what kind of seasoning?
    and what is it on cracker? it looks delicious.

    love your simple photos.

  2. coco, here it is.

    first i soak dried mushrooms in warm water for five minutes
    and squeeze them very good.
    then let it stay in water again for a longer period of time, squeeze again and leave the water for the broth.
    chop them, mix broth and water - boil, then put chopped mushrooms and for thirty minutes forget about it.
    cut carrots and potatoes, half a tablespoon of salt, dry onion
    and that`s it!

    let me know
    if you have any questions,
    hope it will work out well for
    i was really surprised
    the taste so rich and yumm,

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  4. oh
    its just butter on it,
    delicious -like you said


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