my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



little chocolate pot story


  1. i wanted to spend some quiet peaceful time. so here i am visiting you again.
    your post always have calmness which i love.

    what kind of day did you have alga? i spend lots of time at home today, knit and cleaning as always. did so much craft and yarn all over .....rather messy room now.

    would it be sunny tomorrow? i hope..
    and have another peaceful day.
    Is it snowing over there?? miss that snow.

    good night alga.

  2. naoko,
    thank you for visiting.
    even if its not home, but some space
    like here - im feeling a little like
    quiet room,yes.

    no sun no snow
    i miss clear weather a lot,
    we moved a month ago to a bigger place.
    its hard for me not be close to the earth
    and trees.but now i make my room messy
    almost every day - as i finally have
    time to create make my things
    for little store.

    i come to your page
    every other day,
    coco. its natural and simple
    and like no walls no screen between
    your photos just like
    my best friend`s
    when we met 6 years ago.

    have my glass small
    all ready to plant your seeds
    and some from prague.

    i hope u will
    like little things
    im packing for you,

    good night to you


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