my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



feeling christmas again,
straw stars from yukino,
hanging right above our computers

everything is on the right places
and small calendar with copper
paintings, i keep this on with lone lady
in the hat dark cafe in front
even though the month had passed

and morning horse -
suomalainen mansikka kakku


  1. dear olga

    do you think you will put some pendants and stamps in your store by time? i hope so, everything that comes from your hands is so beautiful..

    wishing you a nice start on the new week,
    vibeke (who loves your work)

    1. dear vibeke,

      i did not think
      anyone would be interested
      but i will make a listing
      just let me know which one you like,
      i was putting few items there,
      then deleted them..

      and stamps,
      i always put them
      just for free, cards as well

      thank you so much
      i`m relieved, always
      dreamed about my very own little shop
      and its happening.

      have a nice evening,

    2. oh how wonderful. is it to much to ask if you could send me a photo of the things i can choose from? my e-mail address is
      i also would love to buy two of the red bird card and one of the yellow one if is possible.

      i would also love to make a post about your etsy shop on my blog one time if you think it would be nice. just let me know what you think : )

      thank you for your kind response to my questions!

  2. v,
    i can not say
    what i have, but check
    it here -
    handmade gallery and if
    you find smth - let me know, ok?
    here or

    oh, ill be more than happy
    if see a little word about it
    on your page, this is like a present

  3. thank you for helping, i will look on that site!
    how nice that i can do a post about your work, looking forward to it : )
    is it okay that i send you some questions that you can answer so i can write a little bit about your work in the post also?


  4. since vibeke is asking, dear olga
    will the sleeping doll or dreamy bear people make it to the shop?
    i love the thought of a. growing up with them.

    i think your work would give delight to many people.

    this is a special place.


    1. xenia,
      believe me or not
      few minutes ago
      i was going to add
      a sleepy friend,
      so i will.

      and i have so many wooden ones,
      dolls and mini pendants to show,

      thank you for writing, and
      as i said yesterday -
      just love your blog.
      did not find the way to follow,

      good night to you

    2. that's wonderful - thank you.

      i'm so glad you found me so i could find you
      i felt exhilarated coming here
      but yes, i'm not very good with the technical side
      of my blog, i must attend to it

      and good night to you


  5. Replies
    1. Hi Olga again!! of course you can participate my swap!! thank you!!!


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