my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



i dont have  many books, last three years
we were moving a lot. but once i got this one -
white nature, by vincent munier
i bought it, brought it home
couldnt take my eyes off
since then i had this book with me 
at every place we lived

and yesterday
i found white ink and carved one more
stamp, white swan

and you know sometimes im in such a rush
of doing things bursting. and right after this stamp,
little pendant - swan`s tear appeared
clear quartz in the brass tube

good night, 


  1. спокойной, ога. слеза, мне кажется, хорошая. а лебедь странный. ога, у меня хорошие новости, ещё пока чуть рано говорить, но кажется в этом месяце я начну работать учителем немецкого языка в другой школе. давно ничего такого не было.

  2. It's so tiny and fragile. You know how I love the small works you make.

    1. eva,
      yes i wanted to make more
      the other day -
      when i read you comment
      about stamps.

      and i was circling around
      your last post wanted to say i
      loved long blue pocket
      ( for brushes and pencils ?)
      you`ve made

  3. What a beautiful stamp Olga. I love it.

    1. carrie, good morning

      thank you for your warm words
      on etsy -
      and for the brand new office,
      i`ll make sure to put some
      cards with forest nature
      i know you enjoy it.

      i`m glad you liked the stamp.

  4. hi, olga.
    beautiful pendant and stamp you made!

    i like the white ink on grey,
    not a strong contrast is nice.

    (finally i've got an account, following you...)

    1. dear yukino,
      and i`ve made a
      broken flower for you
      remember you`ve asked me?
      so i found a new glass sphere.

      right, sometimes
      slight difference
      gets you look closer

      and im so happy you here.

    2. thank you, thank you... it won't be enough,
      how many i say thank you.
      i was remembering that
      watching your coal flower pendant
      you posted on 14th..

      and of course, thank you for
      posting the photo of my linen bag.

      oh, i dont know why it doesnt show my photo,
      but anyway..

  5. What a beautiful stamp you made....I love your blog and it's whiteness...I'm now one of your follower!

    1. nora, thank you
      so much! i`m glad
      you liked it


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