my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



few things i  made 
for the `water` branch

the second one - floating milky glass bead
like pearl in the clam shell, i was not sure 
about it - but now, seeing, seems natural
with pitch`s gloss - water

dwarf birch tree is like a little sister of aspen,
same shape, same shade

i can`t wait for the forest walks
berries leaves are all gone by now,
got only pine seeds my mom picked 
when we were leaving the lake house

i miss swimming and warmth of evening sun

for the last six months my life appeared to be 
the way i dreamt only a year ago, im sure ive
said it before

the thought and
human`s will are so powerful that everything 
is possible and real

good night to you


  1. your jewelry
    is so beautiful
    and delicate
    that second one
    ... sigh ...

  2. I want to believe you!
    Amazing jewellery as always.

  3. Your jewelry is so beautiful.
    I hope you have got my textile letter.

    1. karina, i hope
      its waiting for me
      at home as i`m not there
      and coming back only in 10 days
      i will let you know
      and thank you so much

  4. this 'water' series is so delicate
    as your other works
    like tiny forest in your hand.
    i love it


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