my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



i wanted to tell  you how much i love finland.
these are few lakes i chose for my postcard
five different colors,
maavesi - soil moisture
rauhajärvi - peaceful lake 
elämäjärvi - living
toisvesi - second water
syväjärvi - deep one

the last one is almost like a name of
my native town, lake on the swamps.

and this is a summer market in  turku,
they do not measure in kilos, but in wooden pots
or cartons - strawberries or sweet peas. 


  1. hi olga

    i have never been to finland but i have been dreaming about going there for many years. i have some finnish blogs on my bloglist that i have been following for years...the athmosphere and style speeks deeply to me.

    are the first photo going to be a postcard? it was very everything else you make : )

    wishing you a lovely weekend (soon),

    ps: i love your new woodpecker card!

    1. vibeke,
      yes, it is a postcard
      just like small present
      i could send it to you,

      and thank you so much.

      when i read about finland
      i feel a part of me looks
      like it, its good have this feeling.

      take care and
      good days, too, v.

  2. dear you,

    my brother lives in Finland
    for 25 years now
    close to Helsinki
    I like visiting
    but would not
    like to live there

    love from the Netherlands
    Patrice A.

    1. i understand, patrice,
      when i went to sweden
      right after finland i
      saw how much wider and
      brighter is there,

      i had many pupils
      i tought from the netherlands,
      mostly boys and they are so
      sweet and lovable, but still
      masculine. after years
      this country became for me
      something really close.

  3. will the lakes make their way into the shop soon -
    to add to the other ones and the little red house?
    (thank you for making it*)


    1. xenia,
      the lakes were made
      as a present, so ill just
      put it in your envelope,
      i`m happy you liked them
      `cos i had a feeling
      they might be a bit odd

  4. finland is unknown to me. from my russian friend i've heard that finnish people are quiet. so i always have silence in mind when i think of that country. and woods too. now i see lakes too. nice ones. :)

    1. thank you,

      and they call it
      `land of thousand lakes`

    2. this is so interesting. croatia is known as a land of thousand islands!

  5. The first picture is nice and could definitely make a beautiful postcard.
    And I love the way to measure vegetables! And the lovely Marimekko tablecloth...


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