my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



около дома начинаются парковые улицы,
когда проходишь совсем немного, исчезает
та москва, рядом с которой мы живем. начинается парк,
а потом лес и пруды. дятлы, зяблики и большие серые 
птицы прыгают по земле, перелетая совсем низко над
землей. распиленная яблоня и красивые светлые срезы

little thing i discovered for myself -
leaves, plain linen, hammer, better
rubber one and the most beautiful
prints first try did not leave solid 
shape but still, i like it

every morning i go to the balcony and
new leaf of avocado is showing up
maybe in few weeks i won`t hear the
endless sounds of the cars because of
the green green leaves by the windows
of my flat


  1. Did you start this from seed? If so, I need your secret. I haven't been successful with this.
    How lovely, all of your images.

    1. hello, rachel
      i started it from the avocado stone,
      right, by putting it in the water
      with three toothpicks so more than
      a half of seed is in the water,
      in a month roots started to grow
      and when they got really strong
      in another month i put it in the soil.
      i am so happy to have a little tree now)

      and thank you
      for looking

  2. Hello Olga,
    The little print you have made is so fragile. Love the idea of using the leaves as a pront block.

    1. karina,
      thank you
      i gonna try different plants
      loved that idea so much

      and i wrote about
      the things you sent,
      feeling sorry i have no
      chance to make smth for you,

  3. Wow, a little avocado tree! I'd like to try growing one, too..

  4. avocado is such a grateful plant to have


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