my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



yesterday the wind was so warm and smelled
really sweet because of the birches, thin twigs
were everywhere on the ground, so i took few
and made hoops while walking

this `sweet wind` mobile for my shop
has grey wooden beads in different sizes 
tied on the linen strings 

they say soon the weather will take 
a step back with it`s spring weather 
here, it skipped from crispy mornings to 
the summer days

надеюсь, на следующей неделе в москве будет весна,
а не лето. теплая весна, не такая, как была в чехии.
я скучаю по трамваям и улицам около дома, помню
все запахи и если где-то случайно они появляются,
вспоминается больше. там, чтобы выйти из дома
нужно меньше минуты и есть ключ от квартиры 
и входной двери, тяжелой такой. 


  1. so lovely!
    like rain drops,
    tiny planets,
    or some musical equipment.
    it's dancing like making sounds

    1. yukino,
      yes - planets,!
      especially when i look
      at them now when the room
      gets darker in the middle
      of the room so i can walk around
      this small solar system

    2. sorry, i intended to say
      'musical instrument..'
      but anyway you know..

      i love to look at mobiles
      when it moves so slowly


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