my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



white nights are here, in our city
but cloudy day makes them dark again.

сегодня вспомнился вкус еды, которая была раньше.
полосочки песочные с помадкой сверху толстым слоем,
корзиночки и ватрушки с творогом. летний лагерь в суоярви,
дом около школы, с открытыми окнами, внутри стоит только 
шкаф, почти пустой, только несколько карт рулонами, дверь с
ключом. грядки с цветами и белые дома, совсем без трещин и 
отколотых кусков или я так просто запомнила их. больше людей
и больше зелени, зелень ярче и большие пузыри на лужах, каждый
раз, когда идет дождь. 

parents go the backyard and pick up some herbs
for our tea. dad says every month, starting from early
spring glade is changing like a windy weather and we
are happy to have wildly growing field so close and 
should never get rid of it, 

downstairs and near the fire place 
smell of black currants and mint

what do you collect for your drinks and salads,


  1. i've enjoyed souvenir from nagano:
    wild edible ferns and early spring vegetables.
    bitter and wild smell
    makes me feel 'spring is just here!'
    and we sigh totally satisfied, happily, how delicious
    the things nature gives us

    and beautiful your photos, i admire.
    i wonder i could have captured them (written above)
    much lovelier

    1. dear yukino,
      the way you put your words
      the order, makes me feel
      i read them in russian.

      it is so good you had
      this trip to nagano,
      again, can not imagine
      all these nice scenery,

      a fern, zenmai one, yukino?

    2. zenmai! oh, i didn't see one at the market we walked in,
      how come you know it!

      ones we ate were warabi and kogomi, as we call.
      it was a pity that i boiled warabi too long as it became a bit too soft,
      but my daughter said it still tastes good, relieved me.

      I'll show you the photos of them later.
      i picked kogomi at my parents' garden in nagano.

  2. I was just our collecting wild onions and nettles the other day. A plant called Indian cucumber root too, which tastes very much like a cucumber. I love tea made from lemon balm. thanks for sharing this Olga.

    1. wild onions, carrie, love those, the smell
      stems give my hands
      i picked them for my
      sister near rocky hills
      in prague

  3. rose petals, elderflower, and wild river sorrel, unripe almonds (they taste fresh and bitter)
    mint, thyme, parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage, basil, bay leaf and lavender from our small garden, also lemons, and whatever vegetable might be in season.

    i remember how happy my father was out on the hills picking wild asparagus, crab apples or capers. i don't think i really understood then.

    1. xenia, i was told
      in my childhood, when you get a bay leaf
      in your soup bowl while eating - you must
      get mail, letter, since then i do believe

      remembering these things
      even later, days or years,
      make it right. i wish i could
      say it right

  4. I've just collected borage flowers that are blooming on my window. The girls didn't like them as they have an oyster taste!


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