my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



i'm home

watching  the same movies over and over again 

reading maria montessori how little girl was 
working with the cylinder blocks
for almost an hour fitting and 
sorting them hundreds of times
we are so alike

sanni and evdokia,
here are your 'nature letters'

baby acorn brooch made of an
old japanese glass head pin and
hat of the the real one

and the fluffy 'bunny' as you said
you call easter willow now has  a
friend - tiny brass rabbit leaping on
the linen string

i walked down the road to the 'purple garden'
and between chestnut trees i picked up a walnut
not believing. 

wind is strong and
leaves the sun only
it's shine 
and i am slow to settle as usual


  1. silent... fall is coming i feel
    as i see your photo of chestnuts and acorn

    it's still hot here but i certainly feel the change:
    wind is cooler and less humid
    tomato in my garden is over its peek.
    there is still a lot of its fruit,
    but doesn't get red well.
    here also fall is coming

    and fluffy bunny! i love
    yes just like your drawing bunny

  2. autumn is already
    in the air
    colors are fading
    and your second image
    so beautiful!
    that easter-willow
    the drawing
    and the tiny bunny
    all delicate
    and photographed so beautifully
    always a pleasure
    to see what you make

    Patrice A.

  3. what lovely bunnies
    they make me so happy

    you make such beautiful things

    and about the swap:
    i love all of your cards
    and be happy about any selection

    your leaves poster is a dream

    do you have any wishes in particular?
    just let me know

    hot late summer greetings
    (maybe the pelargonium gets better in the next days...)
    from anna

  4. All you touch, pick up and make is beautiful, Olga.
    That is a true gift.
    Autumn has been lingering here all summer.
    Better open a window to let it in.

    Lovely weekend.

  5. Again you made such beautiful treasures out of nature findings!

  6. There's never a moment when don't make pretty things!

  7. Olga it's so beautiful and elegant what you made for me!
    Can't wait to have it in my hands and wear it!
    Thank you so so much!


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