my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



like dear yukino, i wanted to show you
autumn colors of summer, from the sunny
forest we go to,

sprinkled birch leaves, chanterelles family
and polýtrichum commúne will soon throw
off it`s hairy hat, stand tall with tiny boxes

and sun here - it makes everything shiny,
gold, white. this last month of summer, 


  1. what a lovely thing you found!

    and your fingers, dyed with berries?
    and oh! moss on the ground!
    like a woolish carpet

    i don't know why, but i get so excited
    every time i find such a wonderful moss.
    polýtrichum commúne: スギゴケ?
    is one of my most favorite mosses.
    unfortunately it's hard to grow it around tokyo.
    too hot here, maybe, but in some cooler place, we can see..
    every time i see it, it brings me 'sense of wonder'...

    really beautiful, thank you.

  2. 杉苔! yes)
    and here, it is more box with facets
    japanese one has smooth edges
    shaping like a vase, right?
    the one you saw

    and i discovered it
    only year ago - and
    so fond of it, too

    you are so welcome,

    1. i think so, polýtrichum commúne's capsule.
      but i haven't seen them many times.
      the season i say it was different maybe.
      wish to see them longer.

  3. I looked making little bouquets from moss caps too. :). The chanterelles are so pretty, I've never found one before. You must have really nice mushrooms there.

  4. mother nature has done such a great job painting this birch leaf with these little dots :)
    do i spy a hand stained by blackerries or lueberries pcking ?!

    1. blueberries,

      and i have never seen
      a blackberry bush oh,

      and i know it is too
      late but happy birthday
      for dear lili,
      i hope this year will bring
      many happy moments for all
      of you.


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