my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



за этот долгий переезд все наши растения
погибли и замерзли. большое дерево авокадо,
маленькие апельсины, два тюльпана, цветок из
школы в красном ведре, который я посадила зимой
девятого года. грустно, как закончилось что-то большое

каждый день мне нужно все больше тишины 

year ago in prague
hyacinth, half grown under the soil without 
sun and tulip leaves shaped in iris

what are your first spring flowers? 


  1. here in finland you know it´s spring when you see a small yellow coltsfoot sprouting through the ground. Oh I cannot wait spring!

  2. tiny blue wild irises under the olive tree
    + purple hyacinths
    then finally the cyclamen

    i hope the silence is loud and clear
    where you are


  3. snowdrops, crocus, winter aconites
    and sun - sun!
    i´m so ecited for it

    finally ordered my roses
    oh, spring
    how i long for you

    your pictures
    so beautiful...

  4. Wonderful spring flowers. So shy still. Here it's been so cold, so cloudy ... only a few crocus and three late snowdrops. Longing for light and spring.

  5. lovely early spring...

    today i was in my small kitchen garden.
    the turnip i sowed in late autumn is growing well.
    and warm wind blew and brought me a scent of
    some flower, it was so sweet!
    spring is here!

    warm greeting to you, dear olga

  6. i think when the almond trees start to blossom
    it's the first spring's signs :)


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