my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



two of them, two of us

when i look out from my window
in the morning or day time, even at 
night sometimes i see two old ladies 
and two dogs, walking in pairs. 
harmony in friendship, love. and when spring 
is only one month away and we just had
our first frosty cold week, i have this warming
thought. and smile

и еще каждый день так много вопросов в голове, так часто 
хочется спросить что - то, у того, кого знаю и у тех, про кого
только слышала. почти всегда верю этим первым чувствам, 
которые внутри еще до того, как встретил человека, которые
теперь так редко обманывают меня и я начинаю доверять им
как своему другу, этим чувствам. 

а еще всегда думаю о своей собаке, будто она у меня когда -то 
была и потерялась. думаю и скучаю о ней.


  1. i would love to have that view from my window.

  2. From my kitchen window there are a couple of huge trees,
    and yesterday I saw the first great tit, it felt so special
    for weeks I've seen herring gulls, crows, pigeons & magpies.
    Wishing you a cozy day, Olga.

  3. it's a magic number,
    mine, always
    but now three is good too :)

  4. from my kitchen window
    i see cars ;^((
    but also my sweet little tree
    which blossoms in winter

    i like your view very much
    and the story with it
    thank you

    oooh, and that little hedgehog!!

  5. beautiful view.
    i imagine how it is when the tree is blooming :)

  6. dear olga,
    yesterday, i received the package.
    so i was very happy.
    thank you, olga...
    thank you.
    and my children were also pleased.
    especially my daughter was.
    today, she went to school with your necklace.
    the cards is already treasures of her.
    and also for me, of course.
    beautiful brooch...

    i could not find your facebook page.
    so i will send a message from here.
    thank you, dearest olga.
    your friend in japan,


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