my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



today i am joining the ladies for the 'blue' theme,
it is nice to come here again after such a long time.

i got this natural majorelle pigment ball from one of
my kind customers and waited for the right moment 
to spend time with it. so i spent sunday evening circling
morning glory, almost none of them looked natural, but 
i chose one, made a tag and hung it on our morning glory,
maybe she'll be blooming soon, too,

у нас здесь неделя осени, но все растения дома так хорошо растут, ведь все равно лето,
первый раз у нас гладиолусы, я не знала, что у них такие смешные луковки, растет японская
капуста мизуна, сладкий лук и много помидоров, но все низкие, все вкусно пахнут помидорами,
даже самые маленькие.

в этом году на целый месяц раньше буду у леса, как же интересно будет войти снова в ту жизнь
и посмотреть на родное по-новому, ведь не устанешь. возвращалась на старые страницы и нашла
там запись, про то, как в жизни к тебе будут по-разному относиться люди, но все это отношение
их, и хорошее, и не очень, оно не имеет к тебе никакого отношения. значит люди сами связывают
себя обидами и словами. кажется, именно это до конца прочувствовала. 


  1. we have a wild flower similar to the beautiful morning glory, maybe it's of the same family, that tries to suffocate all of the rest in the garden. as a matter of fact, you remind me to go check and see if she's strangling some plants already... beautiful as it is, it is reckless.
    such BLUE! lovely. n♥

  2. Olga, there IS a BLUE MORNING GLORY plant. It is meant to be decorative as it's so beautiful. Really wonderful. People plant it in large (or small) pots so it doesn't root all over and strangle other plants. I love the delicious delicacy of your painting. It's a whisper of a painting. So delicate. Love it. Nice to see you here. N, x

  3. I have seen blue morning glories, and they are just that color! Beautiful!

  4. such a beautiful color
    it looks nice in the jar
    and cup
    and on paper

  5. what a brilliant blue
    shining in the dark
    and turning into the delicacy
    of your morning glory
    thank you dear olga
    it is so nice to have your poetical world back here

  6. dear olga
    we have those in the garden
    but not with bright blue flowers
    just white wild ones
    which suffocate other plants....

    i love all of your post
    that incredible blue
    thank you!
    for sharing and joining
    and being here again


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