my white room

i never saw a moor—
i never saw the sea—
yet know i how the heather looks
and what a billow be.



в ботаническом саду деревянная тропинка между
зарослей папоротника, каждый раз я вспоминаю
большое озеро за небольшой просекой за нашим
картофельным полем, куда мы ездили в детстве. 
земляника, камни, жаркое солнце, светлые платки 
и ландыши. 
у этих маленьких все вершины как веер, у всех,
распадаются на несколько веточек. и маленький
фотоаппарат полины со скрепкой

и никогда не думала, что найду у нас эти деревья,
как никогда не думала, что в москве будет столько
людей, с которыми забываю, в каком городе я.

эти шляпки - береты канадских дубов, половинка
грецкого ореха на земле, а на дереве - новые зеленые
завязи. цветок, упавший на листья гортензии.

these days i am feeling like writing my language
and when it rains somehow i feel more strengths
energy inside closing eyes filling up to the top of
me leaving space for nothing but breathe,  it`s so

summer is here and here is little set i made for you
as a giveaway, few things for warm days - wooden
maple leaf pin, cornflower petal in the copper, pitch
two blueberries in the bottle and holly tree bobby pin

leave a word, and in a week i say, ok?


  1. what a plant! like two bells from a center of brooch.
    lovely as one i know Helwingia (hana-ikada: flower boat)
    one tiny flower on a leaf

    and lovely set as you make usual.
    how it's like cornflower in a copper one?

    1. yukino,
      it`s in the copper bezel
      in the clear pitch or resin
      and sometimes it looks like
      it floats

      and i like helwingia
      so much, when the dark berry
      appears but never saw it

      summer started nicely here
      with thunderstorms and vivid
      green everywhere

  2. what a lovely set.
    your blog is so dreamy, so natural and soft, i love it :)

  3. Oh I wish I could leave a thousand words for you Olga. This is a sweet creation artpiece you have made and a sweet gesture on your part to part with it. One of us are going to be very very lucky to own this treasure. I am happy that you are enjoying the rain. As I sit here looking outside it is wet, wet, wet and green, green, green. *smiles* Norma

  4. i love your blog and the amazingly beautiful things you create. what are you doing with the film in the third picture? is this a selfmade camera?

  5. Оля, набор ты сделала прекрасный, обожаю твои штампы со зверюшками. У тебя очень красивый блог, всё очень нежно.

  6. всё так красиво и мечтательно! просто прелесть!

  7. your blog is sooo pretty - very nice to meet you!

  8. beautiful green colors!
    & i hope i am not too late for this elegant giveaway!

  9. Your blog is so dreamy, a wonderful place to come to and fall back for a while. I'm curious about that plant, too, the one with the bells inside. It's stunningly strange, I haven't seen something like this before.
    Your small treasures from nature are so adorable. Thank you for offering this sweet giveaway.

  10. how could I
    have missed this post?
    and your giveaway
    a treasure

    Patrice A.

    thank you for your comment
    on the conversation post
    of sweet vibeke
    it warmed my heart


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